Cultivating Leadership Mastery
Hans Fleurimont

Hans Fleurimont

Cultivating Leadership Mastery

16 Episodes

1h 33m

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The Art of Leadership Development and the Threat of Being Left Behind


Ep. 1


Leadership Masterclass: Are you a Leader or a Tyrant

Chapter 1

Ep. 2


Everyone is Born To Be A Leader

Chapter 2

Ep. 3


Myths, Facts & Truths About Leadership Part 1

Chapter 3

Ep. 4


Myths, Facts & Truths About Leadership Part 2

Chapter 4

Ep. 5


The Origins of The Word Leader

Chapter 5

Ep. 6


The Opposing Side To Leadership

Chapter 6

Ep. 7


Is Manipulating People A Part of Leadership

Chapter 7

Ep. 8


The True Leaders Formula: What Does it Mean to Lead

Chapter 8

Ep. 9


Leading With Excellence

Chapter 9

Ep. 10


Leading With Attitude

Chapter 10

Ep. 11


Leading With Development

Chapter 11

Ep. 12


Leading With Experience

Chapter 12

Ep. 13


Leading With Responsibility

Chapter 13

Ep. 14


Leading With Service

Chapter 14

Ep. 15


Leadership Begins At Home

Chapter 15

Ep. 16


About Course

Leadership is the one thing that’s most critical in every industry, market and government in the world. There are people in positions of power who called themselves leaders, but they’re not. Yes, they may be the boss and in-charge but they don’t operate in the true spirit of leadership and righteousness. In this course, you will learn to master Seven Key Fundamental Leadership Pillars that drive success for every authentic leader. Without embracing these, your leadership outcomes will fall short. The Purpose is to explore the dynamic sides of leadership and authority to understand how to increase your value and influence as a true leader. You will learn to use a formula that will help you understand what true leadership looks like and how to apply it to your personal and professional life.

About Creator

Hans Fleurimont

Hans Fleurimont

Hans Fleurimont is a man of God, husband, father, and leader in his area of expertise. He is the founder & president of The Galerie Media Inc. and the creator of TAOLU academy. He is the author of “A Little Idea: The Art of Leveling Up,” “TAOLU: Leveling Up Through Self-Discovery (Level One),” “Iron Sharpens Iron: How To Sharpen Your Mind into A Sword,” and “The Skill Journal.” He is known for his talent as a multimedia designer, as a graphic artist, a teacher and a creator of online courses, where he shares his wisdom, knowledge and skills with students worldwide. He is also a certified SCORE business mentor and a service disabled combat veteran. His teachings and writings focuses mainly on leadership, personal growth, self-discovery, skill-development, business, financial literacy and design. Through his books, he likes to teach about biblical/universal principles and patterns of creation that both men and women can learn to apply in their own individual lives. Hans grew up in Brooklyn, New York and is the son of Haitian immigrants. Through his journey of faith and the trials and tribulations he went through, he became someone who was able to transform his life by discovering the truth about himself. Throughout his early life, Hans struggled with drug abuse, alcoholism, nicotine addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD and pornography. As a combat veteran he found it very difficult to transition from military life back to being a civilian. But what really helped Hans in transitioning from guilt to grace; from anger to acceptance; and from procrastination to purpose, was his personal journey of self-discovery and self-development as a true leader. He learned how to take control of his addictions and weaknesses by studying the bible, learning principles, applying them in his life, and not only relying on his strength alone. But coming in fellowship with other leaders and believers of Christ.

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