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Sandeep Nath

Content: 1

Sandeep Nath is the Founder of RENEWALism, An Inner Power, Energy & Mindfulness Coach. An IIT-IIM alumnus, Sandeep Nath founded and ran a successful strategy consulting company before heading to the Himalayas in search of the purpose of our lives and the drivers of our consciousness. As a Professional Speaker and Coach, he has taken the sacred wisdom of our Inner Power to over 46 cities, across 4 continents. An international Reiki master, Business Qigong guide, Mindfulness expert, and Author of 4 books, Sandeep specializes in applying ancient oriental wisdom to overcome modern business challenges. He currently steers the RENEWALism Movement and sits on the Board of Global Youth Mental Health Awareness (GYMHA) Inc. More about him at | Digital card:

Andy  Vuoti

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Benefit from insights, experiences, and knowledge of a seasoned instructor with a background in self-development, communication skills, and self-confidence.

Hans Fleurimont

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Hans Fleurimont is a man of God, husband, father, and leader in his area of expertise. He is the founder & president of The Galerie Media Inc. and the creator of TAOLU academy. He is the author of “A Little Idea: The Art of Leveling Up,” “TAOLU: Leveling Up Through Self-Discovery (Level One),” “Iron Sharpens Iron: How To Sharpen Your Mind into A Sword,” and “The Skill Journal.” He is known for his talent as a multimedia designer, as a graphic artist, a teacher and a creator of online courses, where he shares his wisdom, knowledge and skills with students worldwide. He is also a certified SCORE business mentor and a service disabled combat veteran. His teachings and writings focuses mainly on leadership, personal growth, self-discovery, skill-development, business, financial literacy and design. Through his books, he likes to teach about biblical/universal principles and patterns of creation that both men and women can learn to apply in their own individual lives. Hans grew up in Brooklyn, New York and is the son of Haitian immigrants. Through his journey of faith and the trials and tribulations he went through, he became someone who was able to transform his life by discovering the truth about himself. Throughout his early life, Hans struggled with drug abuse, alcoholism, nicotine addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD and pornography. As a combat veteran he found it very difficult to transition from military life back to being a civilian. But what really helped Hans in transitioning from guilt to grace; from anger to acceptance; and from procrastination to purpose, was his personal journey of self-discovery and self-development as a true leader. He learned how to take control of his addictions and weaknesses by studying the bible, learning principles, applying them in his life, and not only relying on his strength alone. But coming in fellowship with other leaders and believers of Christ.

Ivana Tucev

Content: 1

I'm Ivana Tučev, a motivated and patient French teacher. I am the founder of Fourmi Languages, an online language school. Helping students start speaking French is my main goal. I love working with people, meeting cultures from all around the world, and learning interesting information about other languages. In my spare time, I like reading and spending time with my family.

Ben Sheppard

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I absolutely adore mentoring because I know firsthand the exhilaration and challenges that come with starting and growing a business. I understand how overwhelming it can be at times, but I'm here to let you know that you're not alone. I'm committed to helping you overcome any hurdles and achieve your dreams with ease. My heart is full when I see the progress and success of those I mentor, and I can't wait to be part of your journey! I have over a decade of experience serving as a Board Director and C-Suite Officer for B2B, B2C, and consulting companies across Asia and Europe. I have founded four companies in the tech, law, engineering, and sustainability industries, incorporating them across six different countries. I have had the privilege of sharing my insights on global platforms such as Bloomberg TV, the World Economic Forum, and a Google event at the company's HQ in Palo Alto. During my career, I had the honour of working for a top 5 global engineering firm, where I managed a team of 120 persons and spearheaded multi-million dollar projects. I have also led and negotiated multi-million dollar investment rounds, designed cap tables and token distribution sheets for equity and token sales, and secured several successful multi-million euro grant applications. Additionally, I have grown two startups to more than 20 people. My expertise has made me a sought-after senior advisor to major global enterprises, including HSBC Bank, Maybank, Dutch and UK Governments, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Rockefeller Foundation, and World Bank. I am particularly passionate about sales strategy and competitive bidding, having led sales teams across multiple industries, including tech, infrastructure, and sustainability. My efforts have resulted in securing major deals with global enterprises such as HP, Nokia, and Continental. I am proud to have pursued my passion for business since I was 15 years old, and I remain committed to making a positive impact in the world of business.

Isioma Ononye

Content: 1

I write about personal development because I enjoy encouraging others. I also like to connect and share experiences. I feel this is important because we are human and it's always good to remember that we are not on this journey alone. Also, women empowerment is my joy and purpose. I aspire to create a community where all women and girls are in one tribe and where we all encourage and support each other.

Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra

Content: 2

Dheeraj Mehrotra, MS, MPhil, PhD (Education Management)., a white and a yellow belt in SIX SIGMA, a Certified NLP Business Diploma holder, is an Educational Innovator, Author, with expertise in Six Sigma In Education, Academic Audits,  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),  Total Quality Management In Education, an Experiential Educator, a CBSE Resource towards School Assessment (SQAA), CCE, JIT,  Five S, and KAIZEN.  He has authored over 100 books on topics which include Computer Science, AI, Digital Body Language, NLP, Quality Circles, School Management, Classroom Effectiveness and Safety and security in schools. A former Principal at De Indian Public School, New Delhi, (INDIA), NPS International School, Guwahati, and Education Officer at GEMS, Gurgaon, with an ample teaching experience of over Two Decades, he is a certified Trainer for Quality Circles/ TQM in Education and QCI Standards for School Accreditation/ School Audits and Management. He has also been honoured with the President of India’s National Teacher Award in the year 2006 and the Best Science Teacher State Award (By the Ministry of Science and Technology, State of UP), Innovation in Education for his inception of Six Sigma In Education by Education Watch, New Delhi and Education World- Best Teacher Award, BOLT Learner Teacher Award by Air India, 'Innovation in Education Award 2016' by Higher Education Forum (HEF), Gujarat Chapter, among others. He has developed over 150 FREE EDUCATIONAL MOBILE Apps for the Google Play Store exclusively for Teachers, Students, and Parents. This work has been recognised by the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS & INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS as the only Indian to draw that feast. Dr Mehrotra works as a PRINCIPAL at KUNWARS GLOBAL SCHOOL, Lucknow, in India.  He has conducted over 1000 workshops globally on “Excellence In Education” integrated with Total Quality Management and Six Sigma, Technology Integration in Education (TIE), Developing towards being ROCKSTAR TEACHERS, including Cyberspace, Cyber Security, Classroom Management, School Leadership & Management, and Innovative teaching within classrooms via Mind Maps, NLP and Experiential Learning in Academics. He is an active TEDx speaker and can be viewed on the youtube TEDx channel. As a premium UDEMY Instructor, he has developed over 450 courses and caters to over 8 Lakh students from 180 countries.  He can be visited at

James Brauer

Content: 3

Dr. James Brauer, a seasoned educator and digital creator, is passionate about empowering individuals and businesses as they navigate the future of work, education, and AI. With a diverse background in educational administration, digital learning, and education management, James has held leadership roles at institutions such as Avila University's School of Education and Iowa Connections Academy. Now, James leverages his expertise to deliver value through his podcasts, newsletters, and online community, focusing on AI-driven solutions and personal growth. His mission is to help professionals and entrepreneurs transform their lives, harness the power of AI and technology, and achieve success on their own terms. Connect with James on LinkedIn to access his valuable insights and resources, and embark on a journey of new possibilities for your personal and professional growth.

Victoria Dudka

Content: 1

I have a Master's Degree in Philology (English Language and Literature) and over 20 years of professional experience behind. The last 8 years have been purposed to help applicants worldwide to get admitted to top universities. 2000+applications have bee accomplished so far, with 40% of them successful in appying to the best schools like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Columbia and others.


Content: 3

MindCups is a platform offering uplifting, educational, and inspiring content in areas such as personal development, healthy living, self-care, money, life skills, relationships, productivity, communication, and success. Broadcast on Omnicourse and created by Quincy Washington Productions, all audio courses explore life's most complex topics with thorough research and discussion, with a dash of levity and humour. MindCups' audio courses strive to not only educate but to entertain. The content of each course is packed with interesting facts and stats, powerful quotes, and colourful story-telling to keep the audience engaged from start to finish. Have a listen!

Aysegul Balkose Thornett

Content: 1

Ayse has re-invented her life multiple times from ground zero to award-nominated artist. She was one of the youngest and a few female factory managers as a Bachelor chemical engineer with masters, MBA. Last 10 years, she has re-invented herself as an artist in different art forms moving to a new country, learning English. Her secret talent is distilling the information into basic smaller easy to understand chunks. She is here to pass on her knowledge and add as much value as she can to other lives through her lived experiences.

Adam Shaw

Content: 4

What is important in life? I have asked myself this question for as long as I can remember. My path has been varied and fun, which for me is what makes life good. My key expertise is working with energy and mind-body medicine. I also have a more recent background in funding and business consultancy. For 13 years I worked as a nurse, developing key skills and awareness in counselling the dying and their families. Through discussing what was important in life with thousands of people close to death, I noticed certain patterns amongst the regrets and achievements of those close to death. It also led me to discovering energy medicine through Reiki, Vortex Healing and Energetic NLP. This, in turn, led to a path into Mind-Body medicine. What does all of that mean for you though? If you want to use your mind to improve your wellbeing, I can help. If you are questioning your purpose on the planet, I can facilitate that journey. If you are a company owner looking for help with funding, I can point you in the right direction.

Jeremy Ullman

Content: 1

I am a rapper, educator and podcast host. The only thing I love more than creating is communicating what I know in the most creative way possible!

Anne Bachrach

Content: 2

Do you want to make more money, work less, and enjoy havinging your ideal business and ideal life? By utilizing Anne Bachrach’s proven business success processes, you will be in the highest probability position to achieve your goals so you can ultimately experience what is truly important to you in life. The core attribute of Anne’s methodology is accountability; hence, her nickname of “The Accountability Pit-Bull”. Anne Bachrach has over 25 years of experience training and coaching. Bachrach’s fresh approach to business and life offers a much-needed boost for stagnant businesses. Anne is the author of many books, including, Excuses Don't Count; Results Rule, Live Life with No Regrets, the Work Life Balance Emergency Kit, No Excuses, and is a co-author in the Roadmap to Success book along with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard.

Isaac Mashman

Content: 8

I'm here to share my experiences and knowledge in business, life, and personal growth. I help create unrivaled personal brands through my PR firm, Mashman Ventures. Author of Personal Branding: A Manifesto on Fame and Influence, and host of Chase the Vision with Isaac Mashman podcast. Coffee addict.

Felix Peeters

Content: 2

Product Marketing Manager for a large US tech company, based out of London. Has a passion and talent for helping people succeed when applying for a new job.

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