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Osama Hayek

Content: 1

Associate Translator, Member of Arab Professional Translators Society, Member of European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association. Specialized in Audiovisual Translation.Osama Hayek Associate Translator, Member of Arab Professional Translators Society, Member of European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association. Pairs: English<>Arabic. Day off: Tuesday, +2 GMT. Specialized in Audiovisual Translation.

Gaby Rodrigues

Content: 1

Hi. I'm Gabriela Rodrigues. I'm Brazilian and I currently teach English online for speaker of other languages (primarily Brazilians).

Ceyhun Tutar

Content: 1

Hello, I'm Ceyhun! I am a senior student at Dokuz Eylül University, Department of International Relations. While I am currently a content writer, I am interested in fields such as history, philosophy, and political science, as well as various art genres such as cinema, painting, sculpture, and music.

Denise Theodossi

Content: 1

Denise has worked in education for almost 20 years. She has worked as an English language teacher both in state and private schools, and in private language schools. She ran her own language school in Athens, where she built trusting relationships with students, parents, and employees alike. She has collaborated with major international publishers in various editorial projects. As a teacher trainer she has worked with teams and individuals in a full range of coaching, training, and consulting activities. Denise is always interested in attending ongoing educational programmes to strengthen her skills and keep abreast of current research. She is keen on organising in-school events and is currently a teacher at a private school. She holds a BA in English from Athens University and a CertTesol certificate from Trinity College London.

Liliya Shopska

Content: 2

English teacher, love working with different ages from teens to adults through young learners. Love meeting new people. Had the chance to meet people from 62 different nationalities. Volunteering at CISV International.

Maria Fernanda Pacheco Sanchez

Content: 1

I'm a social and friendly person. I'm open to new cultures and I love languages.

Taylan Comart

Content: 1

an English Literature student who is into fashion as well as other art forms and intellectually rich.

Ayşenur Türkmen

Content: 1

I’m passionate about my work, because I love what I do. I always try to do my best. I’m ambitious and driven. I thrive on challenge and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive toward. I’m highly organized. I always takes notes.

Gökçen Hardal

Content: 1

Office Assistant at International Institute of Civil Society

Bengisu Gülüm Sert

Content: 1

When I didn't know English my mother used to read the subtitles for me. That's when my interest in foreign languages ​​appeared for the first time. My amateur endevaour about watching foreign language programs without subtitles has become a passion. Right know I am studying at translation and interpreting department for being a bridge for people who speak different languages, with the help of the experiences I had so far.

Begüm Gür

Content: 1

I am a translator who loves reading and watching a lot. I also love turning my hobbies into something useful and creative.

Oyintonye Francis Obriki

Content: 1

A Young knowledgeable individual, currently a Westlaw online researcher and Lexis Library online researcher certificate holder , while I’m in the process of achieving my law undergraduate degree .

Filip Obradović

Content: 2

English Second Language Teacher, Social Media Manager and Freelance Writer

Milica Grujovic

Content: 2

Hello! I am a French and English teacher, currently living in Serbia. I have a Master's degree in French language and literature, as well as TEFL and TESOL certificate. I enjoy travelling, hiking, skiing, but also some good books and movies. I love spending time with my friends and colleagues, that gives me energy.

Abderraouf Annab

Content: 3

ESL teacher I Founder of Quinglish Learning I Freelance writer

Samra Mammadli

Content: 4

I am Samra. I am from Azerbaijan, currently living in Wroclaw, Poland, and studying for my master's degree in Communication Management. I have done my Bachelor's at Azerbaijan State Economic University with a specialization in Accounting and Audit. Besides, I have studied in South Korea at Woosong / Solbridge University as an exchange student. That's why I am interested in Asian culture and know the beginner-level Korean language. Also, I know advanced English, Turkish, and intermediate-level Russian. My hobbies are dancing, drawing, improving my Korean language in my spare time.

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