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Olayinka Damilola (Michael) Soetan

Content: 1

A go-getter, outgoing, good listener with an interest in sports, entertainment, reading and exploring...

Bilge Jin Onen

Content: 1

Hello everyone, I am a happy potive young adult who really likes books, animals, nature, science, art, dance and music. Besides being an engineer, I am a certified tutor with six years of experience. I graduated from İstanbul University. I live in İstanbul, Göztepe. I have got 3 cats ✌🏻 I am open to learn and know new things all the time. Love BJ

Yaren Gültekin

Content: 1

A third-year English Language student who loves creating content!

Tripura Rani Rajaputra

Content: 1

I am tripura from India. I am a masters graduate and a gold medalist in physical science. I started my profession as an Asst.Professor in a reputed engineering college. I found my self passionate about content writing and blogging, so I left my job and started training my self as a content writer and health blogger. I do freelancing and I created a health blog and am maintaining it with regular health tips and healthy diet. I am a quick learner and I work hard for my passion.

Hosna Kachooee

Content: 3

Multimedia creator in visual art production. I've developed different skills through experience and learnt many things through interactions. My goal in life is to hone my skills and grow as a person.

Eymen Rıdvan

Content: 1

Hello, I will be happy if i can teach you Arabic and specially Egyptian Arabic. Also I will teach you Turkish language with native speaker

Vildan Tutkun

Content: 2

Certified English Teacher International Sales Manager Voice Actor

Marco Massa Trucat

Content: 2

Hello, I'm Marco. Pleased to meet you virtually. I am from Turin, in Italy. I am an easygoing, polite guy, who really likes nature and animals. I am enterprising, I love adventure but also organization and deadlines, as well as sincere and lasting human relationships. I love travelling and discovering different cultures. This is why I graduated in 2005 as an interpreter! I have studied and am continuing to study dubbing, singing, marketing and personal growth. Since 2019 I am a voiceover actor and singer with my own Home Professional Equipment. But before this I worked more than 10 years as CSR & Community Manager for multinational companies. I followed many paths and lived many experiences before becoming what I am. I hope my voice can be the tool you can use to learn something you still do not know!

Khalil Liouen

Content: 2

Hello active listeners ! I'm khalil or lilo from Tunisia . I am pursuing my master's degree in Communication. I get hyped when I talk about different topics I believe I'm here to decipher the complexity of life and share with you my perspective on it also I am the person you tell your secrets to !


Content: 10

Omnicourse is a subscription-based mobile audio learning platform where experts get paid by the minutes listened. Omnicourse continuously grows its audio learning catalog with experts on every category; its recommendation engine gets smarter with every user interaction. Learn with audio while commuting, running, or doing housework.

Alara Akgün

Content: 1

I'm a literature and history enthusiast who studies English Language and Literature. Sharing what I love is just one of my passions. So, I can talk and never stop talking when it comes to the things that I enjoy. Also, to say that I'm definitely a Tudor nerd would not be wrong.

Tunahan Tuncer

Content: 3

Experienced teacher and freelance translator. A calm problem solver in love with video games and motorsports.

Aleyna Boysal Tuncer

Content: 2

A creative, organised and helpful bilingual native speaker who can offer her services in two properly articulated languages.

Clio Edlich

Content: 2

University of Genoa, Conservazione Dei Beni Culturali, Graduate Student

Abraham Ogbidor

Content: 1

Abraham is an enthusiast with a degree in Economics. He’s driven by lifestyle subjects and a great interest in learning, exploring the what and how our lives can transform into what may seem life a balanced lifestyle as he travels around the world in search for knowledge, adventure and deeper connection with people from all walks of life. He’s an excellent photographer, explorer, content creator, speaker and Educator. He’s taught in many schools in Europe and Africa. He’s happily married to his wife Ayse/ Ayesha raising their beautiful daughter Maya in one of their homes in Istanbul.

Kenza En-nassef

Content: 2

I love sharing ideas and thoughts with people. Also, I am extremely proactive in the sense that I am able to initiate projects, discussions, or partnerships anywhere at anytime. Moreover, I am a very extroverted person which leads me to connect to people easily, network efficiently, and initiate professional relationships with potential colleagues. Further, I am someone who is both ambitious and realistic. This combination helps me balance my decisions, cut off assumptions, and pushes me to thrive. Also, I love traveling and exploring new cultures, I have been to many countries in the past. One of my favorite places is Istanbul. I really love the warmth of people there.

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