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Jowanna Lewis

Content: 2

Over the course of 15 years of podcasting, I have gained the skills necessary to record, edit and produce full episodes.

Angham Mohamed

Content: 2

Hey there! My name is Angham Mohamed and I'm a Creative Content Writer and a Geology/Geophysics graduate. I volunteered as a scientiific committee member in both of my studying areas in college, and I have been volunteering as an academic committee member in Egyptian Society of Astronomy for about 7 years. I love writing and science overall and I love learning about new things. I also like science communication and simplifying ideas and explaining them to other people.

Svetlana Andrieieva

Content: 2

I am a positive, creative English teacher, who loves doing everything with Love. Like to discover new things. Languages I speak: Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish Let me make your world more interesting, sharing with you my knowledge and experience!

Veronica Guguian

Content: 1

Veronica is a strategic marketeer with almost 20 years of experience that loves creating. Her superpower is connecting the dots. She created SPIN Ideas, a strategic marketing agency to help start-ups, scale-ups, and SMEs to convert their stories into marketing strategies. She caters to a broad range of clients from tech, coaching, housing, events, and the chemical industry. Veronica strongly adheres to the power of strategic partnerships, collaborating with others instead of competing. Her belief is that by working together we can create a massive impact, and authenticity is the best way to communicate and reach your audience. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge via talks and workshops, as well as with her clients.

Botan Orak

Content: 3

Hello, I'm Botan Orak. I want to work in areas where I can communicate and guide people thanks to my experience in the Radio - Television, and Tourism sectors. My main passions include using technology to the maximum, communicating well, and reinforcing my unending desire to learn. In this direction, I am working more and more each day to improve myself, especially in the light of my sectoral experience in creative writing and SEO compatible writing.

Büşra Çırak

Content: 1

I'm Büşra, I'm studying Russian language and literature. I am 24 years old. I take note of the experiences I have gained, the books I read, and the movies I watch. I do my work on time. I am a master of teamwork.

Fergül Çırpan

Content: 3

My name is Fergul and I am an individual who likes exploring spirituality and life through stories, music, movement and traveling. I define myself as a grammar police in language, and I am good at translating, interpreting and writing. I work as a freelance translator and I teach conversation-based English. I engage in volunteer work in various projects, such as Istanbul Gonulluleri. I am a sound engineer. My love of music has led me to host a radio show for the last 2 years. I performed in various events as a DJ. I also play musical instruments such as frame drum and engage in music projects. I am an art-fan and my hobbies include sailing, cinematography and writing. I am a Reiki Master and I like to define myself as a light worker.


Content: 2

A translation and interpreting student with a passion for psychology.

Hasan Taşkın

Content: 1

A student of master of business administration. Motorcycle rider. Redditor. I like wandering in the nature and discovering new places.

Sedra Selin Kartal

Content: 1

Hi! I'm Sedra. I'm a student in the English Translation and Interpretation department at Ege University. I like to watch series, do yoga and play volleyball.

Esma Özge Çetin

Content: 3

I've been working as an English Instructor since 2006. I do love my job and my students. I like spending time with the people I love. I prefer to watch TV series or movies when I don't work. Nature is the best place where I can totally reset my body and soul.

Begüm Kavla

Content: 2

My name is Begüm, I am 22 years old. I’m going to the 4th grade at Ege University. I am at this point as a resule of my curiosity about foreign languages and cultures. I’ve written texts for a documentary dubbing before, I also worked as a game translator. I like to do research and read to open my horizons.

Müge İrem Beyazıt

Content: 2

Müge İrem Beyazıt, received her Bachelor of Architecture from Middle East Technical University in 2019 and continues her academic career with working on a Master of Fine Arts degree in Media and Design at Bilkent University. She identifies as a designer, architect, and creator aka artist; and she is based in Ankara, Turkey in this day and time. She is interested in play, body, and space related audio-visual art, encounters, and film studies, and continues her practical as well as theoretical production in these fields. She is currently concerned with environmental issues and is incorporating eco-conscious materials such as recycled plastic in her works. Alongside her individual works, she is one half of an artist duo under _sojörn ( and is involved in small scale spatial and physical explorations with Studio Niche (

Hanan China Gahwita

Content: 1

I am ambitious and driven,I thrive on challenges and sets goals to be achieved.I am a fun and lively person,always looking for an opportunity to do better

Fatma Feisal Almas

Content: 1

I am Biologist. I love Science and how life makes sense explained. I love making friends and exchanging idea. Always learning new things.

Minela Selman

Content: 4

I am Minela Selman, accountant, language teacher, 3rd in the world kickboxer, traveler, dreamer, enthusiast, and fighter in life. I am recording podcasts because I want to be helpful for you to move forward before you are ready. I cover topics from entrepreneurship, creativity, life balance, travel, accounting, the resourcefulness of earning, and much more. I am bringing it fresh, chopped, jumpy, raw, and real. I have an opinion about everything and there are many rights and wrongs. From my experience, we will talk more about this wrong and how to take a lesson from the wrong, convert it to the right, and be satisfied, not successful. Success varies from person to person so we are going to learn how to be satisfied and happy.

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