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Habiba Sergali

Content: 1

İ am an ambitious person full of energy who is always working on herself to be better than before

Muhammad Muddasir

Content: 4

I am Maalik, I am currently studying Master's in Finance. I had my bachelor's degree in Finance to. I love to teach what I know and also love to help people by transferring the knowledge I have.

Merve Burulday

Content: 4

Born and bred in İzmir. Lived in NY for 5 years. ✌🏼 Been teaching English for 10 years. Dog mom 🐶 B.A. Translation and Interpretation M.A. English Language Teaching

Selim Anwar

Content: 4

I have an MA in Counselling Psychology and was a psychotherapist. Now I study jazz drumming and piano. I'm a curious sort.

Dilara Bağcı

Content: 1

Translation and Interpreting Studies | Content Writer

Oana Păuna

Content: 2

Hello there, my name is Oana Pauna, and I am a Romanian content writer and solopreneur. My biggest dream is to become a motivational speaker to inspire other people to follow their dreams and become the best version of themselves. I know writing is my vocation, but I'm working on my public speaking skills as well. Thank you for having me! Let's grow together!

Richard Lee-Thai

Content: 1

TEDx Speaker, Connection Coach, and Founder of Excuses to Connect. My mission is making meaningful connections, because you never know how any connection can transform your life.

Emilio Jose Garcia

Content: 16

Emilio is a playful & passionate teacher, speaker, & coach. His mission is to make intentional living simple, fun, & available to every person on the planet. Emilio's teachings are simple, inspiring, and actionable. Emilio can support you with topics like home organization, selfcare, minimalism, time management, meal planning, finances, paper management, and digital organization.

Lana Jelenjev

Content: 2

Learning experience strategist and community alchemist who advocates for strengths-based practices, regeneration and self-fullness

Katrina Julia

Content: 1

Multi-passionate entrepreneur, athlete, creator and CEO of FIT Life Creation - all in one lifestyle brand. Transformation Story of a Lifetime walking from self-hate to love, fear to faith, corporate to calling, bondage to freedom. Experience in 7+ industries, MBA, CPA, NASM Fitness + Sports Nutrition. Helping entrepreneurs and brands #CREATEIT a life + business they love with freedom. Traveling the world full-time since end of 2020 sharing my creations and adventures as I go. On country #32 as of Feb 2022 Let's #createit a life and business we love with freedom

Eric Chow

Content: 1

Hi there! I am the Chief Consultant of Mashman Ventures, a public relations firm that specializes in creating, maintaining, and scaling unrivaled personal brands. I also host The Eric Chow Empowers Podcast, a conversational storytelling show designed to share stories of overcoming challenges and have conversations on topics to inspire and encourage listeners to empower themselves towards the life they desire and to be the person that they want to be.

Bobby Wheeler

Content: 1

Bobby Wheeler is a Confidence Coach with background in Leadership, Development, and Marketing.

Abbie Nwaocha

Content: 3

Hi, I'm Abbie Nwaocha, I'm a Podcaster, Course creator, Marketing Consultant, and Marketing Coach. I'm a certified digital marketing expert. I’ve been a marketing consultant for solopreneurs and small business owners (and politicians) for over five years. In those wonderful years, I’ve headed all marketing activities for my clients – small business owners and solopreneurs in every field from publishing, real estate, politics, photography, online media, to eCommerce. And now I help new entrepreneurs build a profitable business that generates consistent income.

Dr. Bev Browning

Content: 10

Dr. Beverly A. Browning (Dr. Bev) - Nonprofit Capacity Building Consultant and Revenue-Generating Visionary. She is a grant-writing consultant and visionary who uses thought leadership to work with eligible organizations struggling with the woes of revenue stream imbalances. Dr. Bev and her team members have helped her clients win over $750 million in grant awards. She has been researching grant funding, grantmaking trends, and board-related barriers to nonprofit capacity building for over 45 years. Dr. Bev is the founder and director of the Grant Writing Training Foundation and Bev Browning LLC. Dr. Bev is the author of 47 grant writing publications, including seven editions of Grant Writing for Dummies (2001-2022) and the 6th edition of Nonprofit Kit for Dummies (2021). She has also created six courses for dba Cengage Learning. Her instructor-led online asynchronous courses include A to Z Grant Writing (1 & 2), Advanced Proposal Writing, Becoming a Grant Writing Consultant, Nonprofit Manager, Winning RFP Responses. and Grant Writing ACT. Dr. Bev is an approved strategic planning facilitator and training provider for CFRE International (AFP) and the Grant Professionals Association.

Elies Hadi

Content: 2

Elies Hadi is an Angel Healer and Spiritual Mentor. She guides lightworkers, healers, and starseeds to fulfill their soul's mission. She believes that the spiritual awakening and healing journey can be playful, yet powerful at the same time.


Content: 1

My various roles and experiences in numerous industries have allowed me to develop my capacities to support initiatives that encompassed business management, digital photography instruction, and ESL teaching. My specific skill set has enabled me to contribute advancements in my business and teaching roles, allowing me to improve client service in diverse missions and projects. I have created an extensive professional network and have mastered the skills to provide the best services in complex and dynamic projects. I boast a few other competencies in achieving operational results to: Improve communication channels and manage initiatives that ensure organizational goals and targets are regularly met. Utilize excellent information technology and computer networking strategies, quality control, and business support skills to bring value to the organization. Capitalize on analytical and intuitive management skills to contribute to the success exceeding organizational missions. If you share my passion and require a tailor-made team member in this profession, you may contact me here or through my email at

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